Advantages of Being Part of a Supercar Hire London Club  Supercars in london for hire

Owning a supercar is a costly affair that comes after facing the dilemma of choosing the best among the many types available. However, you do not have to shoulder all the expenses related to owning a supercar or being restricted to driving only the one type you choose. There are a number of supercar hire London clubs that promise to save you a lot of pounds as well as give you access to a wide range of exciting supercars to drive. Here are some of the advantages you stand to enjoy by joining these clubs.

Cost Savings

When compared to owning a Supercar privately, signing up for membership to these exclusive clubs leads to huge cost savings. The club is responsible for the Supercar’s maintenance, servicing, depreciation and insurance. This means that as a member, you will only be spending a pre-determined sum rather than the unpredictable amount you have to spend as the car owner. It is extremely costly to maintain a Supercar on your own and therefore joining these clubs will offer you immense benefits in terms of costs saving.

Chance of Driving the Latest Models

Supercar hire clubs have a number of immaculate cars in their collection. They constantly refresh their collections thereby ensuring that their members are among the very first people to drive the latest models introduced to the market. As a member of any such club, you will be able to enjoy driving all the latest models as the club you sign up for will spoil you with a wide variety of Supercars.


Supercar clubs operate on a one off membership fee that ranges from £500 to £2,500 plus an annual fee of around £5,000 to £14,500. Members get points that they can spend throughout the year on Supercar rides on weekdays or weekends. When choosing your most preferred supercar hire London club, it is important to shop around as prices vary depending mostly on the choice of cars on offer and other extras.